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Easy Like Sunday Morning… Plum Tart

Sunday mornings are made for a slower pace of life and indulging in choice… with a certain degree of luck of course. Cooking with a slower pace also feels indulgent and extravagant, a whole morning taken to make just dessert for Sundays’ Roast… get a pot of coffee on and relax into the rhythm! A slower paced plum tart involves an enriched dough and almond cream giving plenty of time to listen to the radio and enjoy an endless pot of great coffee!

Simply a Blueberry Tart

Fruit tarts are perhaps the most quintessential French Patisserie. Unctuous, beautiful to behold and decedent! Strolling through a French village, town or city, windows overflowing with patisserie of all descriptions cascade towards us, tempting the tastebuds. Fruit tartlets showcasing the seasons best, draped in a veil of glistening glaze. Why reserve something so wonderful forContinue reading “Simply a Blueberry Tart”

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